Engine life?

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Hi, how long will an engine last just bashing? I read of people changing piston rings every 8-9 hours but is it really needed for a basher?

How long have you known engines to run (in hours)

I'm running venom synthetic at 25:1


A friend has aprox 25 hours running time, without changing rings.

I am on the 2'nd upgrade in the same number of hours (23cc, then up to 27cc, now 29cc race portet)
8 - 9 hrs for a ring change is what your hardcore circut racers do. some of them anyways.

i had 7 plug gallons on my stock baja motor b4 it died from sucking in sand.
the tank before it was as strong as the day i finished my first gallon.
Wow thats was fun to figure!:clown:

Ok, I've used a minimum of 52oz of oil and thats at 25:1 which is 5.2oz each gallon thats = to 10gal of fuel used.

If 1gal = 3.785 liters and the tank holds .7 liters thats 5.4 tanks a gal x 10gal's = 54 tanks of fuel which means if I ran at:

30min a tank = 27 hours
45min a tank = 40.5 hours

Roughly I would think around 30 hours so far and it's performing just as new.

Uh Oh, did I jinks meself - Arrrg. :blush:
Engine life with Preventive Maintenance

I have had my current 26cc motor for 3 years. I have kept it this long by keeping the Airfilter maintained, I clean the carb every 3-4 months, I run two in-line fuel filters. I use a 2 stage filter, with an outer sock around that, and lastly a prefilter. I clean my filter with K&N filter wash, and use 2 stroke filter oil from the Motorcycle shop. Lastely, I always use a good afterrun oil. If you don't have afterrun, you can use ATF (automatic transmission fluid- Dextron III). I usually remove the sparkplug, and put in four drops of After run.

Just keep it maintained!

I hope any of this helps
I get around 45 mins from a tank in my baja ,I run 8-10 tanks per week,been doing this for over a year now,,,still going strong, and I only use 5% castor oil.
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