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:helpsmilie:hi my prob is if i turn the wheels 4 more than 3 secunds my fail safe kiks in i changed it for a new 1 and the same thing happend i have a new battey 3100 so i don't no what to do if i take the fail safe off it works ok any 1 no.thanks:helpsmilie:
could be the servos are drawing to much power thur the RX, kicking in the failsafe.
maybe try to y the steering servo lead so it pulls directly off the batts, and not thru the RX.
RX is the reciever in the buggy. the y cable is a splitter cable that allows the servo to pull its power directly from the battery while the other end powers the reciever.
Get yourself a VoltWatch it will help be sure of the battery life. Here are a couple ways to hook up a Y harness.
What type of Receiver (RX) and Transmitter (TX) are you using?
What type or voltage of battery are you using?


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