FG MT cutting out

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Is the engine cooling fins full of grass?
How old is the engine / car... have you got any air leaks in the fuel lines like cracks etc?
Is your fuel good.
What colour is the spark plug electrode when it stops?
Does it loose compression eg: is the pull start easy to pull but the engine wont start.
Is it over heating...like is it hot in South Africa at the moment?

Is it even the motor that is stoping and not the RX batteries are flat, you haven't provided much info and it could be a hundred things.
If you could provide more info I might be able to help:)
I have been involed with nitro and gas engines for over 15 years and you can't compare the two.
If you cut the holes in the body and it doesn't work then it's stuffed... why not try to run the car with the body off?
Is your coil gap correct? Is the coil moving around and not tightened properly?
Is your hi needle screwed in (clockwise) to far causing the engine to lean out and making it run hot?

You really need to check these things and get back to me as it could be something simple... maybe your plug is fouled????

Go back and read my above questions in both posts and give us some feedback and I will do my best to help.

Don't cut your body just yet.

If you have a temp gun, get the temp of the engine when it cuts off and let us know that as well.

dyeing out, or does it bod down a bit prior to cutting out?

If so it may be heat soaking, Gettin hot enough to suck the power out of it, but keep running. Richen up your H needle 1/8th turn if this is what its doing.

if its just dying out, check your fuel flow, make sure htere are no kinks or leaks.

How does it idle or run? any Surging? sputtering? or chugging involved?
The new Hummer was doing the same thing during break in, I found it was the plug fouling... Just run it a LITTLE harder. Run it hard enough for it to break the tires loose and keep it moving!!! But don't beat the hell out of it for too long! My high and low needles were a little too rich for me to break mine in, when it was 90 degrees outside. So you may be able to lean the low and high needles (just a touch) and that may help.

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