FG7480-Tuning Ignition wheel/Zenoah ??

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Could someone help me on this. I have come across this item and It is not something I think I can use on the G260RC in my FGMT cause it does not have a started spot on the fly wheel. It says its for a Zenoah motor but which one, style and vehicle? It is very light weighing under 6oz.
Could someone help me so I can find it a good home?:helpsmilie:

Thank you!:(


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i thought the major differance was interanaly on the newer Zens. i did not know they changed the flywheels on the newer ones as well.
Here we go!
I finally got an answer.:)
Anyone have one of these engines?
You can't use it on the current Zenoah G230 and G260. If you want a lighter flywheel then you would need to lighten the flywheel on the current Zenoahs.

The older Zenoah G22 that the Part No 7480 is used for was a 22cc engine that makes 2.2HP. Here is some info from the old FG Catalogue about it and you can also see Part No 7480 in the bottom right hand corner for it.

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