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That has a reed case engine in it, I have seen one in real life and they are interesting... hope he buys a new camera with the money from the auction lol.
i have 2 of those engines, one is in my Bergonzoni onroad, but i really wanted a Dominator, they are pretty rare here in the US.
Nice guy called me last night on the phone he said he would ship today, another unveirified paypaler though, so who knows i may have just lost $575. lol, again!!!
Hope you didn't, did you use the bank or a cc? Should be fine with a CC.
Never sen one of those before can't wait to see some pictures with a better camera...:cool2:
well, i hit the cc button, and it used my bank, so i'm probably screwed, lol. I haven't heard from him yet today, but its my own fault, someday i'll learn to stop using ebay, and paypal. but at least its not $1800 like i almost lost last time, i was losing my mind on that one.
Looks to be legit his rating is good and the feedback is good too. Forthe longest time I wasn't verified either until I figured out what it meant. I think your OK but every time I use them I get that sinking buyers remorse feeling too until I get the item.:)
i talked to him for about 15 minutes last night, told me about the buggy, the tank is bad, i guess it has a crack in it, i am looking forward to trying that motor on an offroad car. And your probably right BTB, he may not know what verified is. I'm a bit concerned that i haven't gotten a reply to my emails yet, but i have a phone # i'll have my buddy the sheriff call him the first of the week if i don't hear.
On another note, i had a 0 balance in my paypal account, and it withdrew out of my bank account, and i still have all the money, so i could close that account, and it would use my card.
F$*kin PayPal the phone # doesn't work! Well, they still haven't taken the money out of my account, and its been more than 24 hours, so i transfered it, and it will have to use my card. I have emailed and called him, so it might have been a scam.
Damn No, you should of said something, i may be able to find one/two of these here in MI. let me know if you have any issues and will be looking for one later. lol
hopefully you don't have any probs and all is good.
How hard is it to get a ebay store cause he has one of those too. I still think you will be ok, but easy for me to say not being in the position...
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I have watched RCU and checked around, the last one i saw was $800, i wanted something i could work with and this was it. I got ahold of PayPal, told them my bank account was frozen and she said it would take from my CC.
well, not really, no contact in 24 hours. I'm a little pissed. I'm not sure how long to wait before i tell the CC company not to pay paypal because i have not recieved any info.
No reply, called no answer on the phone#. Called my CC company, paid my bill and cancelled the card. THis is BS. I don't know what else to do, i have been scammed again. PayPal will have to get the money back from him.
got a call at 8am, he wanted to know y i filed a dispute, told him i didn't get any info, or confemation on shipping. He emailed me the confermation #s, there are 2 packages coming from DC to my town. might be full of rocks, but he was very nice and understood why i did what i did, and he is trying to make a good business on ebay. So with said i cleared the dispute, and i hope to have my berg soon. Or my rocks. LOL
All I ever ask for it some communication whether it be phone, e-mail,text.....ect.
It always seem that after you pay for the item, the communication stops. I let my buyers know when i'll ship, the day I shipped w/ all the #'s and information, and even check with the buyer after I know the item was delivered.
well, an update, the Dominator got here today, with TONS of new parts. But none of the ones i need, the front took a real hard shot the front bulkhead is broken in one place. The chassis on the front was rolled completely up and someone tryed to screw it to the bulkhead, DUH!!!!
I got a brand new DDM motor also, and some brand new of those MCD evo 3 rims with new tires also. JR3 radio. Good deal i think. I pulled it apart tonight, i still need alot of work to do. And i hope i can find some parts.
sounds like a pretty good deal. i seen it on ebay and it looked like a nice deal, but i don't recall seeing anything about any damage.

post up some pics and keep us up to date on the rebuild/work you do.
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