Firehammer diff question for you??????

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Hey guys, I have an FG MB Pro and am looking at purchasing new internal diff gears. I have seen the diff gears for the FH on and it says that they will fit FG vehicles as well. Does anbody have an FG and a FH that has compared the 2? Anybody tried the FH diff gears in an FG????? Pro's? Con's?? One of the Pro's is that I can get a complete set of the FH gears for 1/2 the price of 2 from FG!!!!!!!
They will fit FG, BUT you would have to purchase the outdrives, dogbones and axles for the Firehammer as well. The splines in the outdrives are different sizes.
Well that sucks!! I have the ball drive system installed. Do they make a ball drive system for the FH? If so, could I just install the FH ball drive outdrive? Thanks for the info CSP!
Well that sucks!! I have the ball drive system installed. Do they make a ball drive system for the FH? If so, could I just install the FH ball drive outdrive? Thanks for the info CSP!

Funny you should ask, I just ordered the ball drive set for the FHMT from HobbyThek this morning (as well as a 17 tooth pinion gear):

For Firehammer MT:
Ball Drive System

For Firehammer:
Ball Drive System FH

Now whether or not the outdrive itself would work, I don't know. Once I get mine I can take some measurements and some pics for you but that is at least a week away. You might e-mail HobbyThek and see if they know. They are really really good at answering e-mails!

BUT, the problem is that the cost on the outdrives is 23.80 EUROs which is about 33 USD each. So at 66 bucks AND 40 bucks shipping to you here in the states, you will have spend over 100 bucks. So at this point, you are better off going with the FG Gears for about 80 bucks! Don't you hate how all that works? :)

To purchase the FG Gears:


Last week someone had a whole FG alloy diff with the gears in it on Ebay that went for a mere 78 bucks, you might keep watch out there!:

I think the plus for you going with the FG gears is that you won't have to fuss with trying to find the clone diff gears any longer! But this upgrade with the ball drive is supposed to be pretty bulletproof so you may never need gears again! :cool2:
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Ya, if you look at the history on that I was totally blown out of the water in the last 2-3 min!! Trust me....I've been looking.

You said that "this upgrade with the ball drive is pretty bulletproof". Were you talking about the alloy diff?? I have the ball drive now and the stock diff with Elcon sleeve and annihilated my diff gears...can you say BIG JUMP!! Actually took it all apart and JB Welded the gear "remains" together in an attemp to get a little more out of them...can you say positrac??? Needless to say, the JB Weld didn't last long. I'm acctually considering taking it back apart and tack welding them this time!!! If there is anything left of them.

I also saw these on HobbyThek:,fg_6070,,Tshowrub--fg.nr_6086-05,.htm
I can't seem to find them anywhere in the states. How much do you love paying for that freight?!?
My gosh, you must have really jumped that thing!!! :)

I was just saying the ball drive upgrade makes it virtually bulletproof. The freight is a rip! I wonder if an adjustable diff would be better? Check out

It's hard to find some of this stuff on ebay, when I do, i jump on the auctions but usually end up losing!
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