Sold / Found fs/ft RTR RACO Jack Rabbit 1/4 Scale buggy

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Fairfield ME
im selling my Jack Rabbit rtr with some parts new set of rims and tiers new arms new shock towers.

it is in verey good condition it will come rtr with a fm radio and a 23 cc zenoa motor all you will have to do is gass and go.

ide like to get $400+s&h


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whell i had a Jack Rabbit that i was trying to sell this is what it looks like when a 1/5 scale runs away THANKS HPI:nono: :no: :censored: :crying: :eek: .
i think i can fix it i have all new frontend parts but i don't know so if any one is looking for Jack Rabbit let me know.


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lol, I was debating whether or not to sell my JR to.
They sure don't fetch that much money being 1/4 scale and not that common.
I may just hold onto mine for a while, or throw it on Ebay and see what it gets.
Geezum Boozer! You are not having a good day with that are ya. Nice Bruiser in the back ground!
interested in buying jack rabbit or parts

i need a misc parts for a jack rabbit, i need and upper shaft and clutch bell for the rear end, or a complete rearend, frt shock towers or a whole car running r not.
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