Fuel Octane

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yes. to high isnt the greatest for them, but they run pretty straight on 87 to 110 it seems. though 93 is the high recommended by the manufacutrers of the motors.

many runt white gas or camping fuel. Colemans Fuel if you will.
there is good results running white gas over standard gas even though its only about 57 to 58 octaine. one beffifit is the smell, bring it in the house and now gas fuems to piss off the wife with. heard its hard to start in the colder weather too.
Lower the Octane is more volatile thus better for low compression motors like the G230 / G260 motors, run the lowest grade you can in a stock motor. As air temp comes up (track /ground temp over 100 degrees) and or compression is increased then increase the octane.
I run coleman fuel in my stock motor. I love it. The great thing is no gas smell in the house. Mix it just like regular gas.
How much is it per gallon?

All my camping gear is propane so I haven't bought that stuff in many years.
It is around $5 a gallon. Well worth it though. Another great thin is you can buy four or five gallons, store it and mix it one gallon at a time. Its the bee's knee's. I swear it gives better perfomance but I have no facts to back it up so I wont start that argument. don't mix it in the can though use a regular gas can.
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