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Hey, What are you all running for fuel and oil mix. Years ago a large scale gas heli pilot told me that he ran Coleman fuel in his heli. It was clean burnining without all the additives and it didn't stink up his basement like gasoline did (Which is where he stored his heli).I figured if it was good enough for heli's (which you do not want to fall out of the air) it was good enough for my cars, Boats and all my 2 stroke motors. Been running it for years with AMS/Oil 100:1 oil at about 50-75:1 mix with no issues. My FG Beetle is my oldest large scale, around 6-7 years old with probably over 5 gallons run through it and still screams and is not been apart. I have continued this mix with my new HPI 5b and am confident in a long life. Anyone else out there running Coleman fuel (White Gas)?
quite a few are. So at 50:1 to 75:1 on your boat motors, you ve not had a problem at High RPMs?

40:1 is as thin as i would feel comfy going, even with the AmsOil.
I'm running Amsoil Sabre Pro at 25:1 with premium but will be trying Coleman very soon at 25:1 again. Not sure I would feel comfortable with anything thiner then 30:1. I can always replace a spark plug, which at 25:1 i have had the same plug in my MT for over a year with no problems, but a top end would be a bummer so 25:1 - 30:1 is where I feel the best.:)
I have not had any problems with leaner fuel/oil mixtures using the AmsOil 100:1. I have even run the100:1 mix in my weed wackers and blowers but not that lean in my RC stuff. For you Timmahh, No I haven' had any problems running that lean in my boat. It's a 48" Prather Fun Cruiser with a bone stock Homelite 30cc air cooled weed wacker motor. Doesn't really turn that high of an RPM, not like my nitro boats. Runs quite well at 75:1. AmsOil is good stuff (I used to be a dealer) and it is all I have used for more than 10 years. Anyway I want to make it perfectly clear that by no means am I making any recomendations here, I mearly wanted to know what others are doing and share my expearences. I tend to push my motors along the edge and you all out there know what you are comfortable with.
With a zenoah 23cc i use 27:1 with Denicol sync 100 no problems at all.
The most drivers use 25:1 with this type of engines that is realy save, you can also use 32:1 of less but than you have the chance to shorten the live time of your engine.

Much is depending the type of oil you use.
Haven't tried the Saber Pro oil yet. Still using up my stock of the 100:1 oil. Sounds like something I should investigate. I love testing stuff.
Amsoil Dominator and Coleman. Many years and no problems..

What oil ratio are you using? I'm thinking of using Amsoil Sabre Pro and Coleman myself but not sure of the ratio to use. Anyone ever broke a motor in on Coleman or do you only switch to Coleman and why if it runs after break in why not before break in?
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I too run around 30:1

I find that 40:1 and less is too lean for my taste, also the results of the RC Bugmann Oil test makes me stay away from the 50:1 blends....
Even at 6000 rpm, the 50:1 blend did cost some performance, with a couple of oil types.
He mentions that his best guess is that at 50:1 some oils don't deliver a strong enough oil film to seal the piston ring to the cylinder, causing loss of performance.
He did NOT test wear, only performance and carbon buildup.

With our engines running at 14,000rpm+ I stay with the 30:1 or heavier blend.
I've been using AMS oil HP Injector. It says 50:1 but I have been using 32:1 and the motor has tons of power and never gets hot. the stock 23 will wheelie the marder, plug stays clean.

Cyclops said 32:1 would work. Fluke I got the same oil but it's what Crappy tire had in Synthetic.
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