Fuel Tank Rubber Spacer

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The peice of it that fits into the fuel tank is worn out. How do you replace this piece? Cant find it in the manual or in parts search on towerhobbies or duratrax site. Even if you buy the whole tank it does not come with it. The pictures do not show it.
That is idiotic that they don't have this as part of the tank. I looked at the FHMT instructions (their tank on Tower is 12.99) and I don't see that part at all.

Here is HPI's piece, but it comes with the fuel lines, whether or not it would fit, I'm not sure. I'll take a look later today to see:


You might even shoot Duratrax an e-mail about the piece, I bet they have them and would send you one. It would be your best bet I think!

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