Help with a choice fg or mcd buggy

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guys pls list any pros and cons with the mcd or fg leoppard

things that break down on the mcd

weak points

Which one is a better choice for overall quality.

Is the 4wd that good ??:helpsmilie: :helpsmilie:
Quality of build I would have to say the FG but having driven an FG Baja before I bought my MCD Baja, the MCD wins. The MCD for me handles so much better, sure the MCD needs a few upgrades but what doesn't straight from the factory
Never owned an FG but as far as im aware there are no "must have" upgrades required for the MCD. Even us regulars here on the forum tend to be breaking different bits from one another. It was different from my previous buggy (Baja 5b) which really needed a few things from the get go to get it through a day of racing. The only common thing I can think of right now is the lousy throttle linkage which most of us have tossed and made up our own.

In 4 months I have had to replace the following due to damage:

* 1x wheel
* 1x rollbar
* 3x rose joints
* 4 x upper shock seals (see my leaky shock thread for details)

Nice to have durability upgrades to have (in order) would be:

* Flexible front bumber (not available so make your own or adapt one from another car to fit replacing the horrible tiny stock alloy one)
* Steel gears (2 lower transmission gears)
* Alloy radio plate (stopping servo flex)
* Alloy transmission plate (better heat dissipation from clutch and brake extending bearing life as well as reducing flex for improved gear mesh)
* Better quality rose joints (Seem to be a weak link which may or may not be a good thing depending on how many you are breaking)

Handling upgrades I would do:

* Replace standard 5wt shock oil with 20wt. Medium dampening setting on front and hard on the rear
* SLD Killer tyres front and rear on rims of your choice
* Fill front diff with 100,00wt oil. Rear with 10,000wt

Hope that helps ya.
If you want to jump it bigtime the leopard chassis has a tendency to bend, a guy I bash with has bent 2 leo chassies.

As mono says we all break different stuff depending on your driving style and where you drive it. I cannot comment on the MCD evo versions that are available now except to say I want one! The MCDs are heavier than the rest and IMO need a bit more power to get the drivetrain going low down in the RPM's (or you can gear it shorter but I like to at least be as fast as the HPI's on a straight).

I've had my issues with my MCD but when put in perspective, its usually me jumping off NON SCALE jumps and popping rose joints which are like $8 for a pack of four or something.

I ran the beast on saturday and was loving it all over again till my RX batteries died and I didn't have any more. I say go the MCD, the FGs are a pain to work on compared to an MCD.

By the way I have an FG and an MCD
Ran my Baja on the weekend with a new 8000rpm HPI clutch installed, what a difference it made from the stock one, lets the engine get into it's powerband much easier, helps overcome the weight issue
True, it really makes a difference in launching that baby - what engine/pipe are you running?
I just hated it for normal driving though - I'd like to get it happening about 7000 (happy medium) but the 6000 and a big engine helps me off road, it lets me ease the throttle on out of a corner instead of the instant snap you get from the 8000. I think FG make a 7500 spring but for the sake of 500 rpm I may just hold out for an elcon and be fully adjustable.
I have owned the FG Baja, the HPI Baja and I now own the MCD Race Runner EVO comp 2. Out of all three, it's hands down the MCD wins.
The HPI baja is a very sexy looking car and is very light compared to the MCD. The HPI baja is also more graceful in jumps.
The FG baja was just a mess from the get go and the FG plastics are so brittle.

The MCD race runner that I got is the toughest thing I ever owned. Yesterday I went bashing and racing at my local park. It was one hour of pure fun. I didn't stop the car for one minute and nothing broke. With the other 2 previous cars I owned I would always come home with broken parts of some sort.
Go for the MCD you won't be disappointed!
I've had FG Leo, FG Monster, Lauterbacher Super Cross and Monster. My current one is MCD Baja 1000.

Hands down the Baja is my favorite. It takes a hammering. Only issues I've had is the rose joints, nothing serious just need snapping back in, but slowing replacing with Lauterbacher ones. and melting the two inner gears, replacing with metal.

I'm using a Zen 26cc motor with a ported (slightly) head from Oneil brothers and have had no issues with it..
Wow that looks awesome but in my experience rubber belt driven cars and dirt don't mix very well. Had a Kyosho Turbo Optima Mid in the late 80's which was belt driven and had many dramas with it. Bit to pricey for me though....
I have the DDM 30.5 ESP ported engine and Jetpro pipe, much happier with the 8000 compared to the 6000 for offroad

same engine and pipe here, its a weapon of an engine thats for sure. I had the 8000 spring mated to a stock 26 zen, maybe I'll go and slip it in the "King of Kings" engine :clown:

Thats the good thing about MCD, the engine is SO easy to get in and out compared to an HPI baja, FG isn't too bad but not a patch on the MCD
i ve got al lot of cars

fg monsters and baja hpi baja hormann ht1 /ht2 wws

but the mcd is the most fun car ive untill now
its a good quality enz
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