Help with Hydro. Brakes

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I purchased my FG used and it had hydro brakes all around I know the rear brakes are maugar but I don't know what brand the front brakes are. I took some pictures maybe someone will recognize them. I need to get new rotors and pads. I also need to bleed the brake system but I don't know the proper way. Your help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.
they look like collari hydros its the only hydro i know with that shape of pads

Do you know where I can find pads or rotors for them or any information on how to properly bleed them. I have been trying to bleed them but the air seems to be going no where.
I just checked the spare parts diagram at FG-Hopups, and part numbers are the same as for the SCS brakes.... (Brake Pad pn 1020)
German SCS parts are just much cheaper than German Top-Scale Tuning parts...
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