Higher RPM clutch spring/shoes?

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Simi Valley, CA
So, who is using them? I read that you can run the High Response kit (shoes and spring) or just the spring on the stock shoes. Any opinions or experience on how well these work? What is the downside, if any?

Currently, I'm running the stock motor with a JetPro V3 pipe. In the next few months, I plan to move up to a stock GP290 with the same pipe. I'll be running the car alot in the dunes once the paddles are available.

I'm using the DDM 7500 springs. Works great. I think higher RPM spring is design for onroad where traction is high and you need lots of off the line punch. I don't know if the HPI 8000 springs will work well for dunes but DDM 7500 is way enough.
I'am running the Firehammer spring/ shoes seems too holding up well before I put it away before winter... I'am also running TR steel bell also
ddm 7500 spring, TR Steel bell stock cy shoes atm. i still have to check the new shoes i installed when i put on the TR SCB and DDM 7500 spring about a gallon ago.
I am still using the stock spring and shoes, however I did remove the spring, heat it up until red as hell then soak it in oil to cool it. Did seem to add some stiffening of the spring and does add some punch off the line.

Most of what I run on is sand/dirt, so getting to high rpm before ingaging is kinda pointless unless I wanna dig a cable trech or something.
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