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The HT1 is a Geman built offroad buggy they also make a MT. The HT1 is in competition with the Lauterbacher Super X and is gaining respect on all the European race circuits. It comes complete ,except radio gear and servos and is ready to race straight from the box.
That looks like a very cool buggy The only thing that concerns me is the chassis I could see myself bending that Im kinda a jumping freak.It just doesn't look strong enough to me but it may be.
It does look like a very well built RC though.Have you had any problems with the rear shock tower bending?I read somewhere that was an issue a while back.
The HT2 looks awesome, so does the HARM BX2 and the new Elcon prototype.

Those 3 are going to be the ones to watch out for, when going Off-Road racing

HT2: (sorry cant find a pic)

Elcon Prototype: Exloo_1.gif

H.A.R.M BX2:
If you want any info on the HT2 try www.fgnozem.nl its a dutch site but you can get a translation. The HT2 is longer and the battery and radio tray pushed back and a slight change in the suspension. you can buy a HT1 upgrade kit to take it to HT2 spec
Hi M69

There are a few places to race mostly out of town but not far away as to stop me going. The J A Racing cars (if its the company I think) don,t have a very good reputation and I don't Know any one who uses their cars. How have you heard of them ?
Yes all my alloy is from them! It was a nightmare i had to keep sending it all back! I had enough one day and drove down there from newport it took about 5 months to get it all sorted,but what i will say is, it's super strong and hard as nails,my friend has is done out of the FG alloy and it keeps snaping! J JA Racing will make you anything you want so keep it in mind!!!
I have been importing Hormanns and racing them for the last 3 years with great Results.

So far i have imprted abou 30 Cars and have some HT2 race evos coming in this week But they are all sold.

They are a really Strong reliable car I don't have the HT2 on my site Yet but will Have Soon


Thanks Paul

http://sweetnap.awardspace.co.uk/Hi all
I have a hormann ht-2 and without a doubt it is the best off road car on the market. I can say this as i have owned an fg marder, an fg beetle,an fg leopard race, an mcd 4x4, a lauterbacher super x untill finally my new hormann ht-2. I Race these cars at sweetnap raceway in a high competetive level and there is no other car that can touch it for strength and reliabilty. Its smooth and very easy to drive. In the first three races this year the hormann has been a final 1, 2 & 3 with all the other makes in the field. The only car i have not owned is the harm bx but another member of sweetnap bought the new bx-2 done the first two races broke down in every qualifier plus finals the sold it and bought a hormann.
I hope this helps a.t.b clive
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