HPI Baja 5b or FG Monster Beetle Pro

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That is the question. I am thinking of getting one and just need to know which one will hold up better. I will be jumping and generally bashing it.
Me I like FG, I'm not saying bajas are bad - I'm in no position to - I have never owned one. With FG I like the fact you can switch between monster, stadium and buggy wheels and tyres,the selection of body styles and the large selection of gearing available incl 2 speed.
From what I see but you can't beat the HPI baja as an RTR large scale, FG's need a few aluminium parts in the drivetrain to keep them bashing.
I have a couple of FG's and a Baja 5b and without doubt the FG is more flexible as far as terrain and driving activities goes. Mainly due to the shorter chassis, the Baja 5b is an excellent vehicle but the longer chassis is more adapt to a very specific terrain then the short chassis of the FG.
Which one is best for talking massive jumps? In the vids they seem pretty even, but the fg looks easier to control in the air. Is this right?
with a well setup Baja, you can make laps on a 1/8th scale rc track just the same as the 1/8th scale nitro buggies.

as far as jumping goes. Baja all the way. watch any of the Baja Vids. It very durable.

like was said above, mostly it will depend on how your use is.
Well I too do not own a Baja, BUT !, I just came from the track and there was a HPI Baja that came out. Now, I am, and will always be loyal to FG, but today was the first time I saw the baja in person. I will say this, the baja really really impressed me ! IMO, I see it like this, which ever one u find a good deal on is what u should go with. They both have their good and bad points which to me makes them about equal. The track we ran on today is really brutal on any vehicle. I have a Marder( all stock) and I couldnt leave him( stock w/TGN pipe) and if he got out front, he couldnt leave me. Again, IMO this makes them fairly equal !
i have a baja 5b and have just bought a fg baja, i went out today with them both.quite hard to compare them both as my 5b is very highly modded and the fg is stock.
the only bad point i found with the fg is its a bit stiff in the suspension department but can be sorted with lighter spring/oil combo and is very easy to roll in the corners (just change my driving style to suit)
i don't really have a bad thing to say about the 5b but have broke a few bits like drive shafts and shock shafts but nothing majour
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