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Go figure, there's already a high rpm spring available, everybody wants tires & gears, what do they release? Springs!!! Good find Yamadude! Just think HPIs decisions are a little off sometimes!
How about way off.You would think they would like to make some money.I don't understand there thinking sometimes but Im just glad the stuff is on the way soon Its been a long wait.
well i was thinking that . and i was going to put a post on this site about that untill i read your post . we all are waiting for new road tyres and gears which they have done took some time but they got there in the end. the heat sink for the gear i think is a waste of time . in all the days i have been reading other peoples post i have never come across people having proplems with over heating . ok they sorted out the wheels but they could of done better giving lots of other colours . and differant colours for the roll cage .. the new 3000 hump pack why have they made that . i don't see people buying one of them when they can get a better one from ddm or promatch . are the new cars going to have hpi new hump pack already fitted as standard?? the lights i think are more for show and the box which runs it will cost a bomb...to me and may be other people think this to is that what ever people bring out for the baja it seems people have to go andrush out to buy it no matter if its practical or not and hpi knows this so they seem to bring out anything knowing people will buy it .i mean if hpi brought out a new sticker kit for the baja and it was going to cost $25 people would rush out to go and buy it . i think they need to concentrate on things which really matter. and i know people are going to disagree with me but hey just had to have my say :2guns:
Actually I agree w/most of what you say, but I guess we need to keep in mind that we are more practical & have practical needs, But there are a truck load of people that are more into the not so practical. That stuff sells great too. I wondered about the batteries too, but I have to wonder how many people buy a Baja not knowing anything about DDM or Python & TGN, just buy a Baja,see the battery on HPIs web & buy it?? SAme goes I guess with the other stuff?? Un fortunately we'll probably neve understand it!! It certainly appears that HPI is not really paying attention to our posts. We used to think they were but I'm starting to wonder.
i agree completely .. and if people want to make there baja look trick then thats up to them . but the thing is it seems hpi knows this as well and it seems they are trying to make a quick buck off this instead of sorting out the main issues with the car . and the people who have adressed some of the issues like yourself and many others i think you have done a great job in doing it . SO with all the new cars does this mean the hub pack axel extenders alloy a arms stronger drive shafts better c clips ect ect ect is going to be standard on the cars . i think not .mind you it would be nice to think so though .
where are the new rings then ,any pics of them i need those along with some gun-metal front and rear rims just need to order them from daves ,i all ready pre-paid in full for my sand paddles from cory ,i am working on a new project baja ,hope they relaese some more stuff soon. i want to be able to finish my baja project.its going to be killer i know that for sure.
Old Beadlocks

New Beadlocks
Where did the pics of the new beadlocks go?

I think hpi continues to make things that we see as a waste of money because we know of a better solution... I bet the majority of Baja owners don't know of the forums along with DDM and the like.
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