i need more HP from engine!...performances without problems

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I would want to know that type of engine I would have myself to be taken for having one greater answer to the low RPM?
which from performances without problems?

a 29cc? (having the thinner cylinder, it gives problems when it is warm)(to go on marks CY)

a 26cc elaborated? (good HP) (to remain on mark ZENOAH)

i run a 26cc reed valve motor with a 2 shoe racing clutch and it gets of the line as quick or quicker than most 2 wheel drives cars the 26cc is more reliable in my view as i have used the 28.5 and 30.5
for Torque, id go with the ESP 27.2, or the ESP 30.5 motor. Cuz the 27.2 is a Zen, and the 30.5 is the CY made topend for the GP290, both will be torquemonsters, with good pipe, and will be pretty reliable motors. with the Zen being a bit better due to manufacture quality.

but you ll get really good torque from the 28.5 (GP290) Motor as well.
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