Installing DarkSoul Extenders Front and Rear. 5B (Tutorial)

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LSF Vendor!
LSF vendor
Sonoma County CA
I have been running another set of axial extenders in the rear but was uncomfortable with them.
They seemed to have excessive play in the pin.
I searched for a product that addressed this and purchased a set of DarkSoul Extenders
for both the front and rear of my Baja 5B

They came well packaged with everything needed to install them.
It was nice to see that they even included additional C-clips in the package.
We all know how frustrating it is when one goes flying across the room and disappears.
As well, they also included screws to replace the rear axial pins.
It was also nice to see that they added an extra bonus of 4 huge wheel nuts!!

The entire process of installing all 4 took about 20 minutes with no special tools needed
other then the normal set I use to maintenance my Baja.


I started by removing the front tires.



Next you will need to gain access to the back side of the hub.
You can either remove the entire hub or just enough to swing it out or remove it entirely.
It only take an additional minute or two and for me its much easier then trying to move
the Baja around on my small bench.





Once the hub is removed you will need to take off the C-Clip from the rear of the hub.
Use either a screwdriver or a needle nose pliers.


Slide the axial out of the hub.
This is a great time to inspect your bearings.
If they are still nice and smooth clean them off with a toothbrush and reinstall them.

We chose to replace them with TeamFastEddy wheel bearings
available from you favorite 5th scale retailer.
Ask for them by name.


Here is a photo that shows the additional width you will get with the DarkSoul extenders.


Here is a photo that shows the included wheel nuts that come with the set.


Re-install your bearings if you took them out and slide the DarkSoul extender into the hub.


Install the included C-Clip.


Re install the hub assembly, and your done. Repeat the process on the other side.
All in all it will take about 5-10 minutes to do both sides.
Its not hard at all and is a great product.


Now for the rears.

Remove the rear tires to expose the hubs.



There is a 4mm Set screw that holds the hub retaining pin.
Loosen it up. there is no need to take it out at this point. If you do,
place it where it wont get lost.


After the set screw is loosened, the pin should just fall out. If it doesn't you can use an awl to push it out.
If its bent it may take a little persuasion. Once the pin is out it will slide off the shaft.


This shows the additional width you will get with the DarkSoul rear adapters.


Slide the adapter onto the axial making sure the pin holes are aligned properly.


What impressed me the most about the DarkSoul Rear Extenders the most is that they chose to
use a screw to secure the extender to the axial rather then a pin that can potentially fall out.
They included the screws in their kit.

Apply some thread lock to the screw before you install it.
We have chosen to use a stick Locktight available from
If you haven used it yet, its one of our most valued tools.
No spilling and you can get the proper amount where you want it every time.


Insert the screw into the extender making sure you install it into the hole that has a recess for the screw head. Tighten the screw all the way. Make it nice and snug.


The next step I see as optional. I have no reason to believe that the screw holding the
adapter onto the axial will loosen up or back out. However there is nothing wrong with redundancy.
Remove the set screw from the inside of the Axial if you haven't already.
Put a small amount of locktite on it and reinstall it and snug it down.


All done!
Repeat the process on the other side.


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Could we get an above shot of the finished product at the end of the tutorial? That should cure my curiosity. :)
Is there a known benefit for installing the extenders except for the rear tire rub?
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