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danger dan

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so im thinking of buying a new 5b, and with most rtr rc cars as im surr you all know, they are never truly ready to bash.

so i have about 400 to spend on mods, only motor mods I want is a pipe, ill most likely put a zonoah 26 on there later.

im familiar with the motors because I used to build gopeds, but the car is new to me.

what would you buy for $400 to make this a sturdy basher, I know the diff sucks, as well as the clutch and servo.

anyone want to help, got the parents ready to order the parts for xmas and I'll be buying the car on payday
There are so many ideas?

Are you gettting the SS model or RTR?
RTR: Find item #'s at DDM -
Heavy Duty Drive Shaft Kit. 86610
Bearing Kit - TT463
Metal conversion set - 80584
TR Diff case Saver - TT451
E Clips - Z103
E clips - Z106
Outerwears Pullstarter - eg17x
Outerwears Airfilter - af27x
TGN 'Redneck' Dual Stage Pre-Filter - af286
DDM Metal Starter Pawl - eg308
High Response Clutch Shoe & Spring Set - 15448
DDM Pro-Match 6v 4200mAh Hump Receiver Battery Pack - tt440
This should total with the DDM discount code of - LSF - under your $380.00

You also should watch these deals:

Also don't be scared to also check out the sister forum HBF -

When you get that new motor or top end, the best overall used clutch is this one:
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the most important

turtle diff
fatdads shock shaft kit
metal gear kit for servo
outterwears air filter and pull start filter
not as important but the stock will bend, turtle rear shock brace

once you upgrade motor i would recomend turtle hd axle kit

these upgrades were the first i made due to breakage
the air fiters are just preventative maintance
i d agree with both top posts.

also where do you plan on useing it? if in heavy sand areas. then i Highly recommend the Modifier RC clutch cover and one of the adjustable clutches.
whether it be the elcon or lauterbacher.

so for me, it would be
metal gears for steering servo 26.00
outerwears for the airfilter 15.00
HD Drive shafts 26.00
Phatshaft shock shaft kit all around 115.00
Turtle Racing Steel clutch Bell 50.00
Modifier RC Clutch Cover 40.00
Adjustable clutch 110.00 to 140.00
spare tires Hostile MX 70.00
or the soon to be released prolines at 40.00 ( no word on durability. but they shouldnt be any worse than the stock DBs)
yes but trying to stay with in a 400.00 budget a 2.4 can kill that pretty quick.

assuming the op has a good radio, or atleast a good 2nd failsafe to use on the stock radio and its built in failsafe to keep the price down.
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