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Hesperia, Ca.
I have 2- 1/4 scale stock cars. I'm looking for a complete clutch housing for a Zenoah 23cc engine, and a set of tires & wheels. New or used. I don't have the dimensions of the tires but I will when I get back next weekend.
I just went to that site. Thanks. The cars I have are home built and about 3 yrs old. Unfortunately they are belt drive. I need the outer housing w/ clutch bell, bearings, belt pulley, and clutch brake. I posted my webpage with some pictures of my cars. http://www.freewebs.com/ankle_biter_racing/14scalephotos.htm
I think it going to be hard to get parts for them. But then again. There may be somebody out there who has the parts. (fingers crossed)
I just got some wireless video cameras for my 1/4 scale cars. I just need a good video editing program with a capture card. I would hate to spend all that time running the cameras and edit it on a crappy program. Any suggestions?
Man those cars are impressive ankle bitter. Wish the vid was a little longer...so I could see you get it up to temp and speed.

Yeah I was a little shaky running that beast. My wife was taking the video and didn't realize she had stopped recording. I had some impressive passes, and then lost control and slammed it into the curb. Bent the chassis a little and scuffed up the body. Other than that... It's still running.:eek:mg:
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