MCD Truck throttle setup..

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Ok So i now have my truck and am installing the CY 30.5 Chrome engine. I am having a little hassle setting up the throttle linkage, my main problem is that the throttle armis closed at about 7 oclock and open about 1.00 oclock.

I think by looking at it it would be ideal to be closed at 4.00 oclock and open full at 10.00 oclock..

Make sense? any ideas on how to change the throttle linkage arm when it only has 2 positions?

Any one got that setup with a pic for me to see?
Hey Chopchop, you have the throttle arm on the wrong way. Just remove it and flip it around so that the side which was facing the screw is now facing towards the carb.

The throttle shaft is indexed (slotted) so that if the arm is installed correctly it should be in the 5 o'clock position but if its on backwards it will be in the 7 o'clock position (both at idle)
Thanks lads got it sorted, not loving how its working but it will do for now until i can come up with something else. The stock arm that came on my carby, has got too big of a hole in it and the linkage to the servo is very sloppy. I think i saw an replacement arm on DDM site, might try one of those for a better fit.

You might be able to make it out in the pic (bit blury) and theres the final finished truck. Well not that its really finished, i have to spend my hard earned on something...

Now to get it DIRTY


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Ok i have it setup allot better now and im happy with it, it was sticking a bit before. Got a new throttle arm and re arranged the push arm and now it doesn't catch and has full range.Much happier with it.

I also got myself a new air filter, i went for the HPI 5b one, with an outerwears on it, it worked really well on my Baja and i heard a few bad things about the fancy K&N jobbies not going too well in the dirt. I also blinged up the fuel line with some chrome and put a Walbro Clunk/filter in the tank.


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