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Bigger the Better

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Just getting some updates done to my FGMT. I will be getting the new DDM Low Torque pipe hopefully soon in the mail, had it once but had some issues and got it switched out. Hope to get a review and some video of the change from my FG 3pc stadium pipe which I threw on my Firehammer. Just got new brakes on the front which hopefully will help me stop faster with the new pipe. Man I hate Postal Holidays.

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damm sean ,i bet clean up was fun
Ya, I always make it real bad before tear down! Makes me feel like it’s really needed and also gives me something to do in the winter.

Looks good, what are u using on the tires to show the words?
It’s a paint pen made by TesTors, Really easy to do and lots of colors to choose from!
Tahnks guys, cant waite till my new pipe comes so i can finish putting it back together. Found out today there was a delay and I should get it by friday......:(
ahh you don't need to be rich.

after all it is a necessity of your life. if the significant other disagrees then tell her what will keep you sain?

buy them while you can! anyone should understand when you say "but its FWD!!!" :)
whats up everyone...I see some familiar names on this site. I hear ya on the MCD1000 Bigger, Im saving up for the MCD rally car...everytime I look at the numbers car, samba, engine, servos my walet gives a sigh LOL
You can afford it just don't eat. Nice pics. I was torn between the fgmt and the baja. The jumpability of the baja is what sold me. The fgmt will most likely still find its way into my hobby room though.
Home Made Wheelie Bar

:celebrate: Hi All, Here is a Wheelie Bar that I made, it took 3 or 4 try's to get it the way I wanted it. It is adjustable for the front end height, also made the shock. 9-29-2006-14.jpg 9-29-2006-01.jpg 9-29-2006-04.jpg
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