My neighbor borrowed me his BaJa RTR 5B!

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My neighbor borrowed me his Baja to keep my boredom down until things dry up, well and it wouldn't start, so I tore it completely down finding some interesting things. The piston and head are scorn real bad from dirt getting by the filter that had been kinked under the tank end allowing dirt in the carb. I'm really surprised the damage and it still running at all. Many broken parts and funny thing the diff was dry.:clown: Two year this Baja went with a dry diff and it still looks new inside. I love this cause I'm able to spend someone else's money for a change.:clown: A $400.00 DDM order later and this thing will be as good/close as a SS but with a bigger motor. Just too bad he couldn't afford a pipe right now to go along with the upgrade, I told him he will see the biggest improvement after the pipe or can installation.:)


Man I wish I could make a living doing this ---- SO MUCH FUN!!!!:cool2:

* Will the SS alloy diff fit the RTR??:helpsmilie:
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Boy, if I had the money, I'd send you mine after every dirty run. You could tear it down and clean it, then ship it back. :lol: It's always good to spend someone else's money. 2 years with a dry diff. Good grief!

I finally took mine out tonight with the side mount dom and ran a full tank. It felt great! After dealing with a grouchy, but sweet, two year old all day that wanted to play kick ball and a 5 month old that does NOT want to sleep during the day except for about five 10 minute cat naps, the sound of the pipe was SWEET. Then I went home and everything real was back in my face again! :helpsmilie:
Good tension breaker I agree! I hope to get my toys out today and break in the 27.2 finally.:) i noticed Oniells is selling a 27.2 ported with a stroker for 149.00 - Dang I wish I needed to upgrade something.:clown:
ss diff should drop right in Bigger. only diff(erance) is the alloy case and the viscous plates.

I agree. i would love to spend my days dinking with other folks 1/5th scales. bajas or otherwise.
Well, I woke up to snow this morning.:(

So, I finished his Baja. Now to wait for break in so I can surprise him with a much better, stronger, and faster Baja 5B...

The alloy diff worked like a glove. Rebuilt all the shocks. New filters, redneck, and outerwear's. Upgraded gears for steering servo. New throttle servo. Added a second hole tot he steering arm to get WOT easier. New bulkhead and bumper. Straightened the top plate. added springs to the brakes, added the tubing to the rod. Installed the new 29cc motor. replaced misc screws, added a bearing to the diff, and replaced a couple that went bad. Added Badlands rear tires - What a difference those look to be. Added new clutch spring and reversed clutch. Have to say this was alot of fun...:)
If anyone gets stuck on any RTR parts when reinstalling the SS is so close you can use the on line manual.
I gave him a surprise and added my old modded muffler and old front windshield. He will be saving up for a xcan and couldn't add it to the upgrades and repairs just yet, I just couldn't put the stock can back on with all the power it could have.
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heh, they re blooming around here atm. but we did get a nice cold front move in. its the same one that offered Bigger some Snow.
all i can say is THANX CANADA! You could of Kept that poop up there. bloody way...we gladly will share....i AM tired of the white poop;);)
I agree! crappy snow like weather today as well should be around 50 some time soon - DANG global warming.:clown:
Dang 29cc fly's without a pipe too. We all went out and broke them in in the snow storm. 26cc SS with HPI pipe, 27.2 with ddm, 29cc with home made 1" outlet on stock can.
The 27.2 could beat them but I think its due to the pipe difference and the 29 could stay up with no pipe at all - Very impressive cheap upgrade but, he did have new Badlands on and could bite into the wet grass alot more. Found someone with a track and another Baja in the area so the trip was a great success!!
so THATS what it looks like before u drove it threw a mud puddle... too bad that guy never called back about that track, and im still saving up for that xcan... to bad i don't have a job yet... need to make some money this summer, thats my next priority

P.S. everyone else, thats my car
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