My new friend

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Heres my newest friend. My first largescale! After the first tank i feel that i never want to go nitro again :nono: . The quality of FG is amaizing . When i got it i thought i`ll go over the screws to tighten and threadlock them, but then i discovered that i don`t need to!!!!!!!!!

Here`s the pics:



Large scale really rules!

PS: I allso have two questions.
I feel that the throtle response is a bit bad- it`s too suden. I would like to have a smoother takeoff and it would allso help on the track when exiting the corners. Is there a easy way to fix it

The second question is about the suspension.It has no droop.
Can i achieve 1-2cm of droop when playing with supsension setup? I would ve very happy when somebody could give me some tips about it.
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