Need confirmation on oil mixture

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I just picked up a bottle of RedLine. Its made by a local company and the salesman gave me a bottle for free. Just so happens the rep was there when I went into the local motorcycle shop.

The only issue I have is that there isn't any mixture amounts listed on the bottle.

I was doing some guessing and came up with these numbers. Am I close?

28:1 = 130cc to 1 gallon
36:1 = 110cc
40:1 = 95cc
Why in the world are you running 40:1? I've heard 25:1 - 30:1 is plenty?!

Some people do!:nono:
I would not. There is no proof that a leaner mixture actually gives you better performance, in actuality there are some boat racers that have done the opposite proving there is better performance the opposite way - richer. They say that there is a better seal with more oil - I personally do not know but more is better in my opinion.
I was just going from the low end to high end.
Its nice to have a little chart laminated and taped to the side of the fuel container. Us old folks have a hard time remembering things, or at least I think we do, I cant remember.
Woodie, 40:1 is actually Thinner in oil than 32:1 or 25:1. most recommend 25:1 to 32:1 ratio. others have been running 40:1 and say they have no issues.
i m currently running 25:1, and will be going to 32:1. the Boss motors i use are recommended to be run at 50:1, but thats a bit thin in oil ratio for my flavor.
40:1 is as thin a ratio i ll try to run in these but im pretty sure i ll be happy at 32:1.
no thats good. alot of people run these at 25:1 for a tank or two or a gallon then swap to less oil. many stay at 25:1. others go to 40:1. personally i wouldnt go lighter than 40:1 and typicaly use 32:1. the baja is the first i started and stayed at 25:1. most of my prior experience is with Chain Saws and snowmobiles/bikes which typically seen 40:1 and 32:1 for the smaller guys.
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