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Hi everyone,
Well I have a Baja and I am loving it, however, I have $1000 bucks just burning in my pocket and would like to get an on road car. Like and FG Sportsline with a mclaren F1 body on it. My dilema is that I saw other companies that make good chasis, but I love the mclaren body and that is the body I want. Will it fit on the other chasis? Any opinion would be great. Engine and stuff will be upgraded later when I get more money. Right now I just want a lower end chasis to start with. Pictures are greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance
Molzer is a fg distributor, you can easily find the cars and parts much cheaper at dealers. Search the dealer network, i know there are a few in florida or you can do mailorder and save on tax. I use for all my vehicle purchases.
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