New addition to the family

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I didn't have it for a day and had to fix the upper arms. I see some of you made the same fix with threaded rod. No problems now. I made a few extra aluminum from shock towers if anyone is interested. Added one of those Boost bottle to it this weekend, was a little sceptical but it really works. Made some steering knuckle "keepers" If interested I can post pics.

Current "mods" fixes already:

Bennetts exhaust (double stack)
aluminum front shock tower
threaded rod for uppers
Boost Inductions bottle
pic please

hi in2deep2

sounds good man im interested let see some pic im a nosie parker
also of those Boost bottles iv heard they don't have much of an efect to the preformance let me know
if it dose
Boost bottle

From what I have seen today, there is a noticeable gain in total performance. Idle is smoother and throttle response is well improved. I still have the original G2D on it. I bought a new piston and rings when I got it so there wouldn't be any surprises. Not sure about top end performance yet. I run out of room with this thing. But I will keep you posted.
Love to get some photos. I hear different reactions to the boost bottle. With the older style motor maybe it really helps it more then the newer styles for what reason I don't know. Those buggies are big I've seen quite a few out my way. Glad to have you in LS!!
Finally word on the boost bottle. It works. Don't know how but it does. Smooth throttle response, better idle, almost gets rid of the lag time. I have posted some updated pics in my gallery. Take a look..:)
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