new baja shell on leopard

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i would think so as i did try it on top of brother mt before i painted plus bad obsession on here run one on his leopard with stadium wheels but im sure he had to lift the front slightly these are the pics of it on brothers monster with stadium wheels and tyres



Thank you for the pictures. On the midle picture, the rear wheels do look too far to the front. The shell does look too big for the MT chassis. Perhap later on, I'll manage to make a longer chassis for my MT, then it will look even.
This shell gotta be my favourite one. One of the main reason why I like the MCD Baja 1000.
it probably will fit as the body was held in position as my bro has the high body mounts as he has the hummer shell on it
thats exactly what the three of us did except the guy who purchased them bought another 3 shells too
They look sweet with those bodies.
What kind of body is that?
Where do you guys get all your alloy for a Leo?

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