new color for the female dog, errr baja

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Bajastafarian Madnes
PLUS member
Hey All. Getting the baja back together after its Explosion, and subsequently having the purple scared off of it.
i still have other items i ll be adding as time goes on, but for the most part the baja is getting closer to how i would like it.

im really liking the new colors! the color is much deeper and very robust. should hold up alot better than the stock purple ano job does.
anyways, thought id let you peeps take a look at whats going on with my baja. added a few other goodies that cant be seen.

few near done shots for the moment. i have some other things coming or i need to get at some point. but for now, this will work.






plus I added a goodie. Thanx Turtle.

and some goodies i was lucky enough to win here on LSF! Thanx again. Killer Goods. all you needed to do is be 1/5 to first post back in a thread to win some gasline wrap and heat shrink with choice of color! Very Cool lil Bling factor.

well thats it for now. i ll post more as i get the stuff and put it on.
lmk what you peeps think! its not done, and i have something in mind. but wont say what atm.

nothing, i tore it just looked like it exploded when i took the tear down
i take it your speaking of the Spark Plug Cover? if so I ll be looking at getting a billet one from TGN or more likely Modifier who made the clutch cover. they are billeted from one piece, so i ll prolly polish it up or ano it green when i get one.
as far as a Chrome look goes, all you need to do is grab a polishing wheel for a grinder or dremel, some polishing compound and go to it. they ll look very polished.
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