picture of my monster buggy

i haven't had time to go try out the rim/tire combo out yet.or the aluminum towers.i just finished up yesterday..i will be taking out this weekend to race it at a local track...they have moderate jumps nothing it cant handle..i will keep you posted how it does..
I like what you've done,looks good.A nice set of lights up front would give it that look of a dune racer.I personaly wouldn't care what kind of rc it was, they're all fun to drive.:scooter:
fastflee...i got the truck off fleabay a month back, made some of my own mods but i didnt think there was any mods done to it..now i am curious..i will get some close up pics of the front tonight after work.
The key is its not nitro. I cant even look in the direction of my nitros since I switched over. And all dads think thier babbies are cute
looking at these, they are monsters to the apperiance... i don't know, traxxas should update it and make it look awesome, but for now i am sticking with the 5b from hpi... yours is nice looking tho... i would like to see the pics of the one with sheet metal bods!!!
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