Piston seizure?


I was running my Baja in a field when it ran through a puddle and quit! I wenmt to pull start it, but pull start was stuck, to my dismay, I guess i seized it. My engine is a CY 29cc, numbers on the cyl. head are 30-35, Acall to Daves, I hope to be receiving the used cyl and piston they advertise for 15.00, with a copper.40 spacer gsket, hope this helps.. i guess no water for baja!!:nono:
i would expect it to be somethind different.

a few have douched their bajas, one went straight into Lake Michigan and was covered. motor ran fine once it was opened up, dryed out and re assembled.

its likely you have water in the crank case and cylinder. thus hydro locking the motor. i would pull the motor, tear it down, clean it really well, dry it out and put it back together.

if the motor IS Siezed, i would say thats due to lean needle settings not the sudden douching in water.

pull the exhaust pipe and look into the exhaust. look at the lower right side (rear view) of the pistion and look for any damage. typically that where damage will be ( the least cooled part of the motor ) if it were Lean siezed.

but i would susspect its merely a water issue.

let us know how you go.
I looked at it once I was able to seperate the cyl. from the piston, there was scrapes on the piston, both front and rear, front was in the middle, rear of the piston, off to the right side, basically melted the piston in the cyl.


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that looks like a lean sieze to me!!!!

the kicker is the statment, "Basically melted the piston to the cylinder"
seals that for me.

you MAY be able to use a very very fine emery cloth to smooth out the cylinder and piston, then install a new cylinder ring. this may get you some decent life out of it without a new cylinder/piston setup.
but thats what i would do anyways.
Baja 5B problems

I ordered and installed new head, piston, has radio issues, I fixed all, runs better and faster than new!! thanks guys!!:scooter:
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