Problem with a Fail safe on my 1/4 scale car

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I was wondering if you guys could help me.. I am totally new to the 1/4 scale scene and I just bought my first car.The problem I am having is that I am tring to put on a fail safe device to make the car go to full brake when it looses signal or battery voltage goes to low.. The fail safes are used on most Rc cars and I have bought one for my CAT5 disruptor 1/4 scale.. The problem is that on a smaller scale rc car, the throttle servo pulls one way for full throttle at the same time it pushes the brake linkage the opposite direction releasing the brake, then when the throttle is disengaged/released the servo goes the other way and pushes the throttle linkage back the opposite direction and it pulls on the bar to engage the brake..

On the cat5 1/4 scale car, the throttle and the brake are attached to the same servo horn position, so when you give it gas, the throttle cable is pulled one direction and the break linkage the same direction at the same time and that pulls the brake arm away from the disc at the same time giving it gas..When I release the throttle on the 1/4 scale, the servo horn releases tension on the throttle cable and goes to idle, while at the same time it pushes the brake bar against the disc to stop.

The fail safes are set so that when they loss signal they make the throttle servo go to full break.When ever I turn my controller off to simulate loss of signal, the car goes to full throttle and releases the brake. Just opposite of what I need it to do.

I have tried reversing the servo as well as the wires on the fail safe, but it does not work. When reversed and you give it throttle, it puts the brakes on hard and give the carb no gas.. I am at a lost and all I can think of, is it has to do with the regular rc cars have a brake that pulls to engage and mine pushes..I have even tried two other fail safes and they do the same thing.............................. I NEED HELP ...Maybe there are no options for a fail safe on a 1/4 scale car???

Thanks guys and here is a link to my car..
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try flipping the servo in its mount 180*, then you ll have to undo the Rvs servo action on the radio.

with the servo flipped 180* and the rvs of the radio switched, it should work out as everything will be 180* from where it currently is.

now once installed and set up, your gas should be gas, your brake should be brake, and the failsafe should go full brke when employed and not full throatle.

the other option is maybe there is a way to program the failsafe itself for rvs operation, which if you can, would be the easiest way to go.

im not sure though, if any of the failsafes offer this feature. i seen your post on RCPoo and you got some great ideas, but i think you ll have to put the servo in its mount 180* from how its currently installed to make this setup work correctly for you.

GL and let us know how your making out.
You could reroute the cable for the brake to come from the front of the servo instead of the back and attach on the right side of the servo horn, this would allow the servo to throttle down and install brake when in fail safe. You could reroute the throttle the same way if it would be easier.:)
beetle juice

not being smart or anything, i am also in to rc for 15 plus years just got my first beetle fg week ago,what i think,regardless of experence i would just either take it to local model shop and get it sorted or at least phone a shop(model sport uk are very good and give great over the phone support. with a kit as expensive as an fg i wouldnt be taken any chances..

p.s lads
how relibale are these things? even if well looked after?
any ideas?
i find handling tricky! especially on hard surfaces..
Problem has been fixed by another member.. My DX3 fail safe was fighting against my Micro fail safe.. Thanks Everyone for your support...
I deleted the other threads you started on this same subject. It gets confusing when people ar eall talking in different hreads. Glad you got it figured out.
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