Race Runner Evo 2 videos

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I wish my track looked so clean! It would be great to be able to come home seeing the original colour of your body shell :clown:

Jokes aside, that track always freaks me out. That bridge would piss me off big time as it would break your concentration every time you car disappeared under it. How do you find the track Clive? It looks kinda tight and technical much like my one only you don’t have your track littered with rocks and creators that literally swallow up some of the 1/8 buggies
He drive like the buggy is on rails!
What is that annoying nitro sound.:clown:
Nice track - I agree it seems like it would be tough going under the bridge but it might be the video and easier in person?
i think the bridge part would be fine, just point and shoot!! lol

in some of the pics/vids ive seen, it looks like the track is astroturf and not real grass. i know my baja would be trenching if it were real dirt/grass. either that or that is SOME HEALTHY Grass. lol

yea i wouldnt know what to do comeing back with a clean RC. lol
not for offroad racing anyways. lol
Yep its astro turf all right. Speaking of trenching some of our clubs 1/8th guys have been complaining about the 5b's messin' up the track by digging little holes at end of each corner where the guys nail the throttle so I think the Baja 5b class will either be moved to the end of the day or outlawed altogether. What they don’t realise is those monster trucks also make one hell of a mess as well and the track always looks terrible by the end of a race meet.

Anyway my point is at least astro turf wouldn’t have any of those issues even if it is like driving on a bumpy on-road track :clown:
I heard that the dirt there is not the greatest for a track so they use the turf to create their race tracks. (Don't quote me on that just read it in another forum years ago.)
Instead of outlawing, the Baja group should get a donation together, get some large pieces of turf and put them in those areas to keep running there - Even though I would think track maintenance is part of having a track.
I have not raced or even been to the track in the videos - it is at least a 400 mile round trip for me!!

Most of the largescale tracks here in the UK have changed from grass/dirt to astro turf - the benefits being reduced maintenance and of course all year round racing. If the tracks being used in the winter race series here had been grass/dirt there would have been no racing recently....

I am in the process of arranging for high quality videos of the race meetings to be uploaded to one of the german largescale websites. I will post details in due course.

clive where are you in England, are you in London area :)

and i agree thats not a track its a football pitch,if anyone is ever in manchester England, contact me i will show you a track, this is a secret place, that not many people know, its great we make our own tracks, theres hills to jump streams to though, jump over streams about 3ft wide, my marder as the record of 18 feet high jump and lands perfect, followed by my friend nearly 18 feet, my marder rolled down a hill the other week straight into a stream the water was 4/5 inches deep and the marder still went, we just laughed and said its a marder thing lol, we are hoping we can say the same for the Race Runner, my friend who as just bought the evo2 RR is quite impressed as i am, as we where the first to have them 2yrs ago but sold them after 6months things kept breaking he had diff gears that drilled them selves, balls popping shock forks/rods breaking,as did i minus the diff gears drilling, my main mains 30/33 kept smelting, that was put right, well his buggy is going though its paces very well at the moment, we have been out 4 days yesterday and again today so thats 5 time in a row and nothing to complain about yet ,today he's going to some little jumps,if he doesn't chicken out lol, so i will post some info tonight on todays outing, im very impressed, but i will wait for the evo3 very soon just getting the funds up:)
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