Rear A-arm play

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Unfortunately the CF will not really help stop wear from the hinge pin. The a arm is what I think should be the wear point and if possible I would hope for a hinge pin brace that has a set screw in it to lock the pin on or a hinge pin brace with plastic bushings in it to capture the pin and keep it from wearing the expensive brace.
thats a bit of slop you got there, reminds me of some of the bar flys i ment when was playing out! lol

i ll have to look at mine, but i don't think its that much, BUT i also just put on new lower r a arms to so.
I look at this a little different I guess.

Part #87411 is under $6.00. It looks as if the stock aluminum unit has served you well for a good while. It hasn't broken in the past, It hasn't bent in the past, its simply worn out. Looking at all the options, it seems to be the least expensive part to have to periodically replace in the subsystem. For $12.00 you can get 2 of them and toss one in your toolbox as an extra.

Why change if you have a proven part that has served you well in the past?
The a arm is what I think should be the wear point

Can I ask why you think this?

For me, It seems the rear brace would be the best wear point.
  • The price is less $5.89.
  • Easier to replace, only 2 screws.
  • Easier to view during inspection.
  • Cause less damage if went out while running.
Am I looking at this the wrong way?
I would think the a arm would last longer than the metal piece. Just because he has so much more surface area.

I have RamTech uppers and lowers coming from DDM as well as the little stock metal piece. You're right Ed....$6 isn't bad at all. 3 gallons or so.
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