Royal Purple 2 Stroke Oil

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houston texas
I am not aware if anyone has discussed the topic or has any experience with the oil.

Is anybody using the Royal Purple 2 Stroke oil in their cars yet? There are two types offered by RP standard and racing. I am aware its pricey, yet I think that in the long run it may help, and be a good investment.

I would like to find out first if anyone has or is using the RP 2 stroke oil?

Thank you
ive not personally used it, but there are a few folks on various forums that SWEAR by it. i ve not seen it available in any of my local shops.
I know that you should be able to get it through the Automotive retailers, such as Pep Boys, Autozone, etc. I am still awaiting a reply from them about some quesions I had, and will post those once I get them.
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