Saginaw Michigan Track Open

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I wish it was Mine! but if it was there wouldnt be any of that paintball stuff. whatever that is. lol

Looks fun, My first visit should be tomorrow, but deffinatly saturday. Im eager to see it meself. Give the track and baja a good thrashing!

If anyone is interested in comeing out this saturday, 6/16/07. One of the Nibs and I are going out. a guy from Bay City should be there with his Baja. would be nice to see others.

track opens at 10am to 11:30 for practice, and drivers meeting at 11:30.

all sizes/powerplants are welcomed i understand.
the track is fairly good sized, but should be suitable for 10ths and over.

we ll be running the Bajas.
hey timmah can i fedex my cars out there to your house and meet you guys at the track?? j/k that track is one of the best if seen, not much land out here in los angeles to have somthing like that...
Ha, NP Marder, i ll keep my eyes open for the FE guys. ya, i hear LA isnt as small as it once was, 300 yrs ago. lol
Hey T, Nice track... I'll have to ask all the Muskegon boyz if the want to road trip it... R u going back to Silver Lake ?? I just found out Modifier has a boat, I had mine at Silver Lake in June, Do you have one ? going to try your instructions on photo bucket.. to post some of my boat.
yes i ll deffinatly be going back to SL. maybe i ll have my boat done by then, though i doubt it. lol lmk if you have pic issues. we ll get it straightend out if you do. but you should be golden.
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