Seasonal rebuild for my Baja 5b!


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Budapest, HU
Very interesting. Are they able to do most sizes?
not me actually, but a small local company i've found in Budapest.
i just called them and gave the wire thickness, # of active turns, length and inner diameter and they made it in a few days.

did many calculations and measurements before i could define what i specifically want.
(weight distribution of front/rear, unsprung weight, shock travel front/rear, shock length at ride hight when lower arms are in level... etc)

(ddm doesn't offer flat rate shipping to Hungary since covid19 and lowest available rate is 28usd now... otherwise i would have ordered the hard ddm springs)

sorry, just realized the question related to the workshop if they can do other sizes. :rolleyes:
yes, sure... whatever they are requested. but they have to be provided with the spec. otherwise they do not even know it is for an RC car ;)
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Long Island NY
I have to say, the past week things are moving nicely for me. Just bought a few things from west coast on Monday and they are to be delivered today! They aint lazy just something has them fooked up right now. Elections probably, Trump did take away machines a few months ago if you remember.


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That's why things are taking forever for you. Priority is the faster service.
You see, it's never ddm with shipping issues. I wasnt complaining about ddm, their shipping is consistently 2 days. My last order, a few weeks ago, took about 2 days. Even when I buy the cheapest shipping (first class). The coil I bought from elsewhere Is what is taking so long, which is also first class . It's odd
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