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Man, i freakin hate UPS. I shipped an MT to Nevada, cost me $140 bucks. (2 boxes) yesterday i sent a Hummer body to AZ, $45. I think i'm getting BONED here.

Anyone getting a better rate from someone else.
How did you ship it, we ship vehicles all the time, the most it has been is $50.00. With the larger vehicles, the boxes are usually charged by volume weight, not actual(probably why hummer body was so expensive). If ups charged you $140.00 It must have been a large box.
140.00. The counter person Fugged up the pkg size. or purposly did it and then fixed it after you left ,and put the 80.00 differance in his/her pocket.

like RCNUT said the box had to be BIG.
and im talking eihter longer than 69 inches, and wider or taller than 32 inches.

if box length is over 69 inches long, it gets charged to the next larger box size.
same goes if its wider than either 28 or 32 inches, with shorter than 69 inches long.

UPS works off of dementional weight. ie, any box of this x this x this size, COULD weight up to 89 lbs, but only weighs 30lbs. USP charges you as if that box does infact weigh 89lbs. so basically you could fill it with 40 lbs of brick and it would be the same cost. as long as its under a certain weight for any perticular size box.

and im serious about the counter guy overcharging you and then correcting it when your gone and pocketing the change.... its a scam that some lowlifes have used in the past. i wouldnt doubt that some do this, as it could be very lucrative.

but its probably nothing more than UPS trying to screw us americans like the German shipping companies screw there peeps too.
it was the box my HPI baja came in, so whatever size that was. And the second box was just big enough for 2 MT bodys and some parts. I use this store all the time for all my shipping. I'm going to call UPS and have them start picking up at work, and billing me i guess.
i use fedex ground. i used to use usps for larger stuff but fedex ground is cheaper on everything i have checked but hawaii and alaska. and u can print the lable from your computer and have them pick it up.
Coming across the border ups is brutal. they charge huge brokerage fees. fedex is faster and I can live with an $8 fuel surcharge. it's the $75 brokerage fee on a $200 item that really burns me.

I just ordered a new air compressor from the US. ordered Monday night, shipped Tuesday afternoon, here Thursday morning. Fedex is great.
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