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Foley, Mn.
I hate these threads as much as the next guy, so I appologize in advance. I know VERY little about 1/5th scale gasser's. I have been into the nitro scene for about 6 years (between planes and ground r/c's). Ive never even SEEN a 1/5th scale..
So my question is this. Ive been thinking about buying a 1/5th scaler. Im like the price range of the Baja and the Fg MT and Moster beetle. I like the HPI because well, its a HPI and is going to have great support, But I like the FG because they seem to be awesome bashers, and more able to tackel the terrain I drive on the most. Im just worried that with the baja that the places I can drive are going to be limited compaired to the FG, and worrid with the FG about support, and parts availability.. Are these issue to be concerned about? Anyone help steer me in the right direction?
I got a Baja and I find that I can run it in alot of places, I've run it outside my apartment building, at the park where it's a gravel lot with a ditch between the parking lot and the road, so it makes a nice oval.
I only have the Baja so I cant help with a comparison.
Yes one is a MT and the other is a buggy. So far I have driven my Baja on the same terrain and more that I have driven my Nitro MTs on for years. It will take every bit of what they could and more.

I couldn't drive my MTs or buggy in the grass for long without trashing the drive trains or melting a spur. The 5th eats it up. You need to remember that they a a much larger unit. We have a lot of clumps in out soil here. Its all adobe and chucked full of fist sized chunks. Forget a 10th or 8th, wont happen. Im not going to say the 5th will ignore them but its possible to drive over them as long as you don't hit them full speed. The sheer weight of the 5ths go a long way to help drivability under chunky conditions.

You will need to keep in mind that they are only 2wd unless you go for an upgrade on the FGs and thats boo-coo bucks. They just don't fly in the air like a 4wd. You hit a jump and its up fate how you land if your off on your approach.

All in all, The gassers are a joy to run and work on. Not a lot of tuning worries, dripping oil from the pipe and muck all over everything. Put fuel in her and go.....

Hope this answers some of your questions.
don't wory about the support with the fg. were u live is only 50 a way from and only about 75 from one of the US distributors. as for the grass driving fast eddy brought up a good point. if that is about the only place u will drive it get an aluminum gear carrier the high rpm clutch spring and the outerwares pullstart cover. the new fg should come with a metal pinion but double check.
...worrid with the FG about support, and parts availability.. Are these issue to be concerned about? Anyone help steer me in the right direction?


Worrying about availability for FG parts is of no use. While there may not be a Large Scale HobbyTown in every town or many LHS that carry FG or any large scale parts for that matter there are however good handful of retailers online. See the right sidebar for many places that carry FG parts. is one as well as - both places have very good reps in this area, both carry FG parts... even Baja parts as well.

As for the FG Monster Truck - simply put, I love it. In fact I've ran my FG everyday minus the day's where I'm down due to running into dozers or retro fitting a new kick ass pipe. I can't say the same about my nitro's. In fact I've yet to break in my Picco .28 engine on my MGT and it's ready to run now just need to put batteries in it. So there's a big difference between nitro and gas just from the funability (is that a word? haha) Heck I even enjoy wrenching on these beasts - though another nice point is that there really isn't a whole lot of wrenching that needs to be done unless your running into dozers.

The only down side is the FG is only 2WD. While the FG truck has a ton of power to pretty much run over anything, I've always liked having 4WD. A conversion is available but as Eddy mentioned it's a bit pricey or you could go with a MCD Truck but again pricey. I believe the MCD racing truck is about $1,500+ and that doesn't include a motor or any electronics.

Overall I'd recommend the FG Truck - I've got one and I love it and until you see one of these things in person no matter how many videos or pictures you see it just doesn't do justice to just how big these things really are!

I am saving for the 4wd conversion for my marder now. I have had a couple on road 1/5's in the past (a Dynamic and an FG) and never broke a thing until I sold or traded them off. I haven't gotten a Baja yet (yet), but I have FG stuff now. I have 2 Marder chassis, one built, and the Semi.

I have converted a few locals to these now. I had to replace a lot of worn out parts from getting a used rc, but as far as breakage, my virtually unbreakable wing is toast after 4 outings, and my lower left front ball pops out of the arm if I drop it more than 2 inches after the carthweel missing the quad for the umpteenth time... the carthweel killed the wing and popped the ball out. I never even shut the buggy off. I tipped it over in pit lane idling away, fixed it, and went back out to play. it has never stalled and start so easy (I don't even use the choke, and there was snow around the track last time I was running)... economical is an understatement. the track is tight so using 1/4 to 1/2 throttle mostly and I get over an hour on a tank. I drive then hand off the controller to go have a coffee or a smoke, take it back later and drive some more. I know I could lean it more as I get the most power when the tank is near empty, but that I can worry about when get it figured out for setup to use the power, and maybe over the intimidation of size as well. sure a lot easier to see and drive this scale too

my only complaint is finding any setup info. I have been experimenting with springs and oils mostly and will post something up later myself and hope to get others to do the same for comparison.
i had an fg mb and the parts availability for standard parts as well as hopups is truly unbelievable, you have to remember fg's have been around along time so theres a world of aftermarket stuff readily available over the counter of your lhs or the net either way sourcing parts is very easy. in regards to baja its only been out a short while but already is a winner and an awesome rtr largescale to get 1st time with loads custom stuff out already.
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