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Is there a link to a site or any photos of spark plugs that have been used in our type of R/C motors that show lean to rich colors?

I was thinking if we all could take a photo of your spark plug and we could make a visual chart from new to rich to best to lean. That way we could have our own sticky for all to see.

What do you think or is there one made yet or should we make one?
only charts ive seen online have been standard wall charts, typically showing 4stroke plugs. but a rc plug chart is a great idea as reading our plugs, though very similar to the 4 stroke charts, are not the same.

super clear and close up shots will be needed, plus they will need to be uniform in look and lighting between them. that may be a tough do with different peeps taking pics.
if you interested, im willing to help out any way i can.
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