std rear brake removal

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Looks like my rear brake has seized and rounded off the square, so i got no brakes :no: whats the easiest method to replace these, I have looked all over and can find no info for a newbie so your help is needed guy's.

I'm not sure what model you have but it should be as easy as taking the two gears off the side of the gear plate, removing the gear plate bolts and plate, then removing the square and brakes. When reinstalling make sure to pull tight the shaft before reinstalling the brake square so that it has no back and forth play. Here is a photo of the firehammer with the set up removed.


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well after some huffing and puffing and grased knuckles i got these off, the holes should be square but due to incorrect adjustment (at factory) they seized and this is the result.

yup, I have a set of those too.:blush: Good job now get it back together and have some more fun!:cool2: Make sure you get the grub tight for the square and take up the play so that the small gear at the end at the differential stays in one place.
Got the parts in from Germany today, fast turn around or what :) All fitted and back together just need a test run, hope it's dry tomorrow.

Will need to see if I can upgrade to carbon fiber or steel, being a clone it maybe difficult or need some major changes to fit. If anyone has a clone and has done this maybe they can post some info and pic's.
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