sticky clutch

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i was trying to run the mt for the first time with newly installed shoes, but it keeps on getting stuck open:no: . anybody encoutered this problem? is there a better way of gaining access to the clutch? i found out that i have to take out the whole engine to be able to work on the clutch:helpsmilie: . i have a two speed tranny and its such a pain to take out the gears.:dots:
you should be able to remove the pinion and its carrier from the clutch housing, gaining access to the shoes without pealing the whole motor out. but im unsure of your model as ive not worked on one b4.
guess i found out what is holding the shoes open. excess thread lock has formed on the washers and it is keeping the shoes from sliding to close position. i really did not tighten the screws that much and i found the washers stuck. thanks guys.
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