The Driver Stand - Special Coverage - Power Jam 2015


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Here we are again at Power Jam at the Scrap Yard in Monon Indiana. There has been some rain and its been a little soggy but we got some good practice in Thursday and Friday and the weatherman is telling us we are good for the rest of the weekend!

The track is pretty sweet this year with some real technical spots to make it interesting!

Day 1

Here is the coverage for Day 1 - Listen Here

The rain washed out the first set of quals yesterday but the we did get a bunch of practice in before the rain started. I'm a little late getting this posted but as I sit here Saturday morning the closed are parting and I think I even see the sun peaking through. The crews are hard at work on the tracks which are already drained and with any luck we can get back on track!! (Pun intended)