Thinking about an FG Baja

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I have an offer to straight up trade my HPI Baja for an FG Baja!! My HPI has tons of mods on it, but so does the FG Baja that I am gonna get (i.e. Tuned pipe, 28.5cc motor, front and rear cable disc brakes, 2 speed tranny).. What do you guys think.. I need some opinions because I got until tomorrow to make up my mind!!


i have both and prefer my 5b which has loads of mods(front/rear b&t brakes,fully ramtech arms,carbon everything etc,)my fg baj has got loads of mods aswell,

drive both one after anouther and make your mind up as its only my opinion
i say keep the HPI< buy a used Marder and then the FG Baja shell and wheels and you ll have both, and for much less
and i say you cant beat fg so agree with Timmahh
?but have you got the patience and a littel bit off money do that man you wont regret it
check my fg baja :)
Well guys, I did it... I parted with the HPI and got the FG Baja!! I am definetly not regreting it.. I just got back from the park and man that thing just screams.. The guy I traded with put a 28.5cc zen kit on it and a 2 speed tranny. Front disc brakes and the list goes on and on... I am good friends with him anyways and he owns the LHS so that helps too..

Wish me luck guys, I am gonna have lots of questions for mods and stuff.
Thanks again for all your inputs!!

Will do, just need to get the shell, it's on its way!! What do you guys think I should do for a color scheme? I was thinking blue and white like the Yamaha colors.. Let me know!
Red and Black is cool (do you like the red and dark grey) like the maclaren colors? I also was thinking red and white!! :)
what about the yellow :cool2: one from fg thats realy sweet i think theres :no: other way to go.And the on-road tires you should just stay with the baja tires because if you change them it would not be a baja any :( more off-road
HPI vs FG Baja

Hey guys - I've been reading a lot of your posts lately bc I am trying to decide which to buy - the HPI or the FG ... any advice? The FG is obviously a lot more $$$ - is it that much better performance wise? How about ground clearance on the HPI - is it only suited for dunes, etc? Does the FG do a lot better in different types of terrain? Any advice that you can offer up would be very much appreciated! Thanks
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