Thinking of getting a DDM pipe?

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Hi! I recently bought a FG Monstertruck and I have plans of buying a new pipe to it. I love the sound and looks of the DDM Dominator pipe so I therefore think I will buy just that one. However, after reading in this forum I have notice that there are a couples of installation issues regarding this pipe. As I have seen there are two varieties of the pipe, a torque and a high speed pipe. In the beginning I was going to choose the tourqe pipe but it is this that several people seems to have had trouble with regarding the installation. I therefore think I will choose the middle to high speed pipe instead.

1) Does the high speed pipe have the same problems when it comes to installation as the tourqe pipe? (I mostly thinks about the problems connected to the twisted roll cage in front of the cylinder, (see link)

2) Is it impossible to have the gear protection (see picture below) with this pipe?


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There are a couple of mods to do to make it fit. Mainly you just need to make the bracket hole larger to fit the side correctly and I think it depends on what mods have been done since they designed it on a stock model and then when sent to the pipe maker there is a small amount of variance on the pipe then too. I would recommend the pipe and would just get a larger bolt and do as the mod vid says. Good luck:
On the gear cover, I used a cover for quite awhile and only found it to eventually crack at the hole areas and need replacement after awhile but if you wanted to put a cover on I think you might be able to adjust the side bracket somehow to allow the gear cover to go underneath the bracket and not push out the pipe from the cage. Since I switched to all alloy gears I stopped using a gear cover and have had no problems.

Hope this helps?:blush:
Ok...thanks for the answer. I also read your review of the Dominator and it was great :)

What is the actual problem with the gear cover in combination with the Dominator (high end pipe)?
The bracket sits against the gear plate at the same spot the gear cover does. I was thinking you may be able to bend the bracket in a "L" shape to accommodate the gear cover but I am not sure? Are your gears all alloy in that picture?
Yes, I have seen that the pipe mount at the samt hole as the gear cover but isn`t possible just to mount the pipe in the whole and then put the gear cover over it and then screw in the bolt that holds them? Or isn`t possible to just to unscrew the bolt that holds the gear cover and put the pipe over it and then screw back the bolt again? I hope you know what I mean :(
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You would have to shim all the holes out away so they are the same or the cover will bend and crack. Make sense?:blush:

Yes, that`s right. But isn`t possible to mount the pipe outside the gear cover because in that case I don`t have to shim the holes :blush:
You might thats what I mean about bending it at the end out away from the gear cover, over then back down over the hole, just don't know if there would be enough plate left. Worse case you can weld a different plate on the other plate and make it your own. If you don't weld any welding shop can weld an extension on for you the way you want and the pipe part would never need to be touched just the plate. you will need a longer bolt any way you look at it though.:)
I mailed Brad at Davesmotors concering the mounting problems withe the DDM pipe and also pointed out that it seemed impossible to mount the pipe with the gear cover on. This was the answer I got:

"You can still keep the gear cover on. We have made a few small changes over the months, yes. It should fit just fine.



Anyone know anything about these changes to the pipe?
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