To shim or not to shim that is the question

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LSF vendor
Sonoma County CA
I just took apart my clutch to check it out. When putting everything back together, I noticed there is an amount of play on the end of the bell that I believe id a bit to much.Im sure the play isn't going to hurt anything but Im a bit anal.

Are there any reasons I should leave the end play there and not shim it out?
i would think that would be plenty of clearance. if it does get hot. the pinion heatsinks should be available any day now.
When I started making bells I almost took that clearance out but got nervous about it. Could never figure out why HPI left that much clearance & the only thing I could think of was manufacturing tolerance on their part, so I left it just in-case. I figured that way people could shim if they wanted to.
Clearances in HOT parts are to allow for thermal expansion. So just keep that in mind. Everything also around and connected to the clutch will grow. So the clearances are compounded by other parts, man you want to talk about anal (Me)........
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