Turtle racing Rear Shock Brace Tutorial

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This short instalation tutorial is brought to you by www.TeamFastEddy.com

Turtle racing was kind enough to send us his newest Rear Shock tower brace to create a tutorial for installation. The brace is another example of creativity meeting functionality that has made Turtle racing one of our favorite Baja 5B parts companies.

Thw Rear shock brace replaces the small weak brace that comes stock with the 5B from the factory. There have been many reports of the stock unit bending and folding under minimal impact. This brace will handle anything you will be able to through at it and more. And Ill have to say, Its great looking as well. Most of the Turtle Racing parts are hidden such as his diff housing. This is one of the few visible parts he makes and it sure makes a statement.

A the time of thei review Its available in several Powder coated colorers such as Red, Blue, and Black. As you look through the tutorial you will see its features such as the 4 screw mounting, size, and design. It keeps the ride height the same as stock however it does move the top of the shocks out just a little bit. This should help from bending shafts so easily.


We will start the install by removing the wing.
There are 2 body clips on the underside of the wing.
Remove them and lift the wing off.


Next we will want to remove the top shock mounting screw.


Next remove the screw under the one you just removed that holds the 2 plastic shock tower halves together


Repeat the process on the other side and remove the existing stock brace.


Follow the next 2 steps carefully.
To help insure the brace is screwed on as tight as possible Turtle racing included screws that are a little longer then the stock screws. You will need to preform these steps before mounting your new brace.

Included in the kit there are 6 new screws.

2 Long Cap screws with shoulders
2 Medium length cap screws
2 Medium length Button head screws.

Take one of the MEDIUM CAP SCREWS and thread it into the top hole where the stock brace was mounted. Using a hex wrench SLOWLY screw it in. As you do, you will hit the end of the threads on the inside. SLOWLY continue screwing it in past the end point. You will see the screw making a bulge on the back of the plastic mount. Continue to screw it in until its pops through and bottoms out. Now remove the screw.


Now use a blade or knife to remove the additional plastic on the back of the tower.


Its now time to mount the Turtle Racing Shock Brace.

Place them in the LOWER mounting arms. Thread them in but don't tighten them.


Place the 2 MEDIUM LENGTH CAP SCREWS in the upper inside mounting holes. Thread them in but do not fully tighten them.


You will want to tighten all 4 screws evenly. Go in a circle tightening all the screws a little at a time until they are tight. If you try to tighten them one at a time there is a possibility of binding. The brace sits at a slight angle when full tightened.


Next we will mount the top of the shocks to the inside of the Turtle Racing Shock Brace. Using the 2 MEDIUM LENGTH BUTTON HEAD SCREWS.

It is highly recommended to use LockTite on these screws. We choose to use LickTite Gell stick available from www.TeamFastEddy.com.


Slip the top of the shock into the inside of the brace. insert the button head screw and tighten. Repeat this on the other side.


If the top of the shock tower is a little snug, it may be necessary to remove a small amount of the powder coating from the inside of the brace. Out of the 4 braces we installed we only needed to do this on one.

We simply used a nail file. You can use sand paper, roto tool or whatever you have. We only needed to remove the coating on one side. Due to the nature of the powder coating process some braces will need this and some wont


Its now installed and SEXY!!!!!!


Replace the wing and your all done.


Please help support these tutorials from Team FastEddy by shopping at our store. www.Team Fasteddy.com

If you have products you would like to have reviewed or tutorials made feel free to contact us from our website.

This tutorial and photos may be shared as long as they stays fully intact and is not altered in any way. All photo remain the property of TeamFastEddy

Hope you found this to be useful.

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LOL! Leave it to Eddy install a shock upside down! that's priceless.

Also if I might add. I added a small spacer behind the lower mount, in between the plastic tower and the aluminum brace. The plastic tower is recessed a bit, the spacer I used was the same from the RamTech front shock tower. The spacer kept the mount from digging into the plastic and keeping the brace vertical rather than slightly tilted when tightened down.


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i am actually wondering how they would run like that. i am assuming that there would be less leakage. less prone to bending the shaft as well. does the cap clear the mount on the arm?
Great Tip.
Im still a little red in the face about my shock. :D

No sense in getting red:blush:, you have shown us how a real man deals with screwing up - Leave it there and don't change it. :clown:

i am actually wondering how they would run like that. i am assuming that there would be less leakage. less prone to bending the shaft as well. does the cap clear the mount on the arm?

I would think if there is any air, it would be forced to the top constantly mixing in - Not sure if that would effect performance?:blush:
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