Turtle racing reinforced axles


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Are they worth the money? How are they in comparison to the stockers? Have people had problems with the stockers not holding up to aftermarket motor power? Thanks
There have been some issues with the stock bones twisting and breaking off the pin on the end.Turtle mods the out drive rings & diff shafts and tig welds a ring on the outer part of the outdrive preventing them from flexing and breaking off.
He also includes the HD driveshafts with the set up.Makes for a pritty tough drivetrain.
Just like real cars once you add the power you must make sure the drivetrain is up to the task off handling the extra ponies.
IMO there worth every penny.
My family thanks you!!:clown:

There was some problems with the drive cups breaking, it happened to mine & my nephews when we added ponies. Hope you like them.

I am sure I will. So the picture that it shows just represents the axles but driveshafts come with it as well?
I am sure I will. So the picture that it shows just represents the axles but driveshafts come with it as well?

Which Picture are you looking at? I haven't looked at DDM in a while though, It comes w/moddified drive cups, moddified axles & HPI heavy Duty Drive shafts. I actually have to slightly modify the Drive shaft pins, I have to round off the ends of the pins because they are flat.
I just put the baja back together after a teardown and realized I have one that is bent. I will be visiting you soon.
I will be visiting you soon.

OK, but please don't bring that chick in your av with you!!! If you have to bring her, throw a tent over her!!!

turtleracing maynot be the first one over the finish line.....but his shafts are so damn good....he always finishes the race!!

My son used to tell people when he was racing MX, who always won the race between the turtle & the rabbit???
I know it was tortoise & hair but hey, same thing!!:2guns:
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