two piece tuned fg pipe questions

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Odenton Maryland
Does anyone else use the FG 2 piece tuned pipe. I keep having the problem of every time I send my marder cartwheeling the pipe decomes disconected from the the header. I have tried using tie wire, spings to attach it to the roll cage better but it still becomes disconected. Probably because the roll cage flexes so much. My marder had this pipe on it when I bought it. Does this pipe work that much it would make a difference from the stock or and x-can.

Thank for the help.
Same issues, ended up sleeving heater hose over my rollcage where it sits near the pipe and hose clamping my pipe to the roll cage. No issues now, stays on all the time.
its not too pretty but gets the job done, the big girl needs a good clean but she usually gets a blast in the dirt/mud every weekend so I can't seem to find the time to clean it (especially as its winter and rains every couple of weeks right now) :(

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