Urgent Please Help with Smartech F150

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HI to everyone,im from israel and the question is:
i own a smartech f150(firehammer mt) my spur gears are plastic and im loosing them every ride,i want to put the 16/48 steel conversion of the fg but i heard that i need to replace the long engine mount and thetransmisiion carrier for it to fit,can anyone approve this??? if thats all i need? and will it fit? THANKS:(
Welcome Mironba!

I have this pinion (19 tooth):


From what i understand you can use a 48 tooth Steel spur with it. I have been reading that it is good to just keep the spur gear plastic because something needs to have some give, otherwise something else will break instead of the spur /pinion, etc.

Anyway, hope this helps. That pinion is awesome. You won't be disappointed, except for the shipping cost from HobbyThek. They are very fast at shipping though. I'm in the midwest USA and I received my package in 1 week.

You might also order this as well if you go with Hobbythek:

Large alloy engine mount

And this, I just broke mine and picked up the alloy diff housing:

diff housing

Here is a listing of a whole bunch of Carson/Firehammer/Bigfoot option parts:


Let me know if you have anymore questions.

If you are dead set on replacing all the other stuff, hopefully someone else will respond (Bigger the Better or KenGentry).

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thanks but....

i want to put the 16/48 gears because i want my firehammer to go wheelie and my only option to do that is the FG 16/48....
i know there are 19/48 steel but i want the 16/48 steel and i need to know what is my option to do that?:)
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